Clarete de Bespén añada 2020

Clarete de Bespén añada 2020


Vintage: 2019
Brand name: Luis Oliván
Municipality: Bespén, Huesca, Aragón
Geographical designation: production method not regulated by D.O.
Grape varieties: White and red
Vineyards: plots in Bespén. Surface area: 1,5 hectare. Deep soils with clay-calcareous components
Altitude: 490 m.
Training system: Trellis
Cultivation: Traditional, with minimum treatments required. Yield: 3 kg/vine
Harvesting date: 15th September
Alcohol: 12.5º

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Vintage 2018-2019
The autumn was warm and with abundant rainfall, which helped the vines recover well after the harvest. January started with fog and several days with temperatures falling below zero. In the following months, the temperatures and rainfall were within the annual averages, which led to normal development of the vines and budding and flowering were satisfactory. At the beginning of May there was an episode that marked production; a late frost reduced the amount of grapes. The Hoya de Huesca region has excellent ventilation thanks to the cierzo wind, which, together with short springs, keeps fungus and disease at bay. The summer was hot, with peaks of 40º C, but normal fluctuations in temperatures avoided a severe heatwave. The harvest developed normally, with healthy fruit and excellent concentration due to fewer bunches per vine.


Unlike rosés, clarets are produced with white and red grapes in different percentages depending on the preferences of the winegrower when planting. The reason for this is to protect harvests from possible frosts or disease. As different vines have their own vegetative cycles, there is always one that is spared if a catastrophe should arise. In addition, white varieties afford more acidity making the wines more stable. Early harvest to moderate alcohol, direct pressing and fermentation, no malolactic fermentation.

Winemaker’s impression:

Pale strawberry colour, white fruit and wild strawberry aromas against a mineral background. Fresh and full-flavoured on the palate, resulting in a moreish easy drinker.

Bottled: March 2020

Alcohol: 12.5º

600 bottles were produced from the 2019 harvest